Welcome to the Starbase Prime!

Welcome to Star Base Prime & Mantis One.

Star Base Prime is an Aurora Class Star Base which has been upgraded to the highest specs!

We represent the Federation in the Delta Quadrant. It was determined after the return of Voyager, that we must maintain a presence in the Delta Quadrant to form better relationships with the friends that were made by Voyager and to keep a human presence in the Quadrant. There are species here that still need our help and assistance, and species that we have yet to encounter.

Mantis One is also of great interest to the Federation. Mantis One is a Planet about one Light Year from the wormhole which is guarded by Star Base Prime. Mantis One is also the birth place of the Borg! A planet which we now occupy and our presence in the sector is growing every week. Commerce on Mantis one is reaching a very good level and is expected to grow even more in the coming years. So come on along and join us!